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  • Irene Tschernomor
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Johanne Larouche, Director of Strategic Development



In 2009, the Quebec Community Groups Network (QCGN) released a report entitled Creating Spaces for Young Quebecers: Strategic Orientations for English-speaking Youth which articulates the challenges and priorities of English-speaking Quebecers aged 16 to 29. It has four key messages: Young English-speaking Quebecers seek to remain in Quebec and contribute to Quebec’s society and economy; they aspire to achieve full proficiency in French; they seek to strengthen links with Francophone youth; and they prioritize a collaborative and inclusive, youth-led approach to achieving these and other goals.

The QCGN responded by asking Montreal hip-hop artist David Hodges to pen a bilingual anthem whose theme celebrates inclusive unity among Quebec’s English and French-speaking youth. The song Notre Home became rallying point for the province’s English-speaking youth, while also bridging gaps among various cultural and linguistic groups in Quebec.

The buzz generated by the song and YouTube video prompted a Notre Home Tour in which David Hodges performed at over fifty schools across the province. The performances sparked discussions with more than 10,000 elementary and high-school students on bullying, isolation, identity and a sense of belonging. Today, the Notre Home spirit lives on through the Fondation Notre Home Foundation, whose purpose is to build, support and renew the vitality of the English-speaking community of Quebec.