What we are

Fondation Notre Home Foundation is a registered charitable Foundation that raises funds to support initiatives by groups and organizations that encourage, enhance, and empower the English-speaking community of Québec.


What we do


To support and promote an inclusive Québec and the vitality of Québec’s English-speaking communities by providing funding and support to initiatives that:

  1. Promote Good Citizenship, Civic Engagement and provide Leadership Development.
  2. To build rapprochement/dialogue between and among the majority community and the English-speaking minority community of Québec.
  3. To provide research on and promote, inform, protect and defend our community’s minority-language rights.
  4. Help fill in any identified gaps in services the community needs.

We have supported, and will continue to support, inspiring events like the Victor and Sheila Goldbloom Achievement Awards that celebrate and recognize the great contributions of engaged citizens and leaders in the community.

Notre Home will continue to carry out and support promotional activities that encourage respect, inclusiveness and diversity in the Québec population.

An example was the 2022 demonstration and rally held in opposition to the adoption of Québec’s Bill 96, which contains a number of measures harmful to the English-speaking community of Québec.

Notre Home is looking to support:

  • Initiatives celebrating its community members’ successes and historical contribution to Canadian and Québec’s society
  • Initiatives that inspire rapprochement and dialogue between and among the English- and French-speaking communities of Québec
  • Efforts that encourage greater civic engagement, like Leadership Training
  • Research initiatives on minority-language rights
  • Legal initiatives that aim to protect human and minority-language rights
  • Any initiatives to help serve community members where there are gaps in services they need.

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