The Notre Home Foundation raises funds to contribute to initiatives by groups and organizations that empower the community –

Criteria for Grant Eligibility

Must be a Registered Charitable Organization listed in good standing with the Canada Revenue Agency, headquartered in Quebec, working in the areas like :

  • Initiatives that celebrate the successes of its community members
  • Initiatives that inspire Rapprochement and Dialogue between and among the English & French Speaking Communities of Quebec
  • Initiatives that support Civic Engagement like a Leadership Training Institute
  • Research initiatives on English-speaking Minority language rights
  • Legal initiatives that aim to protect human rights and the ongoing vitality of the English-speaking Community.
  • Any initiatives that will help serve the members of Quebec’s English-speaking community where there are GAPs in Service.

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Criteria for Funding Selection

  • Have established credentials and expertise in the area of the grant request, and evidence of credibility in the community.
  • Have sound governance practices and financial sustainability
  • Have the capacity to carry out the proposal.
  • Have submitted a single request per funding year

Ineligible Funding Expenses and Activities

  • General funding requests for an operating budget
  • The purchase of alcohol
  • Mortgage expenses and debts
  • Endowment building
  • Programming expenses incurred before the grant award

How Grants will be Advertised

Starting in 2023, there will be one or two grant cycles per year and they will be announced in local community newspapers, Imagine Canada’s announcements, Red Feather Forum newsletter, the Notre Home website and circulated to our email list.

Process to Select Grant Applicants

Organizations will submit an application form describing their program or project, its location, area to be served, objectives, and expected outcomes. They will also describe how their initiative meets the objectives of the Notre Home Foundation, as well as the proposed process of evaluation to ensure that it meets the stated objectives.

Grants Committee

A subcommittee of the Notre Home Foundation’s Board will constitute its Grants Selection Committee. Its members, who will be individuals representing diverse elements of the community, will review grant applications and make recommendations to the Board of Directors for grant awards based on the selection criteria.